Playful English for children and teenagers

Our school offers English lessons for children online

The child is doing other things on the Internet during the online lesson.
In large classes, there are many children and the teacher does not have time to support your child in learning.
In traditional teaching, the teacher speaks, the students write. Your child is only accepting information.

Distraction factors

Many children in the classroom

The passive role of the student in the lesson

Why is it so difficult to involve a child in online learning?

It is difficult to study online, as the child cannot concentrate in front of the screen for 45 minutes.

Loss of concentration

How does our approach help to involve your child in learning, even online?

A few steps from Kantan Education to help instill a love of English in your child.

Technology for good

We do not prohibit gadgets in the classroom, but use them for the benefit of learning. Students use programs like Quizlet or games like Kahoot.

Team spirit

The small number of children allows them to build friendships, and the teacher makes it possible to track the progress of each.

Active lesson

Children love movement. Language can be learned through movement. In our classes, work with the textbook alternates with active play.


Each topic covered with a child reveals and teaches him one VALUE. For example, the theme of the house is connected not only with objects (the name of furniture, rooms), but also with the basic attitude towards these things - you need to be careful with what you have; keep your house in order.
We teach through the prism of the interests of the child. Personalization motivates, active engagement makes you think. We believe that a person learns only when he thinks and analyzes information.

Student-centered learning approach