KANTAN (jap. かんたん) - easy, simply


English and Japanese language courses for adults and children online


In our school work highly qualified teachers who are able to motivate and support you on the path to knowledge.

With our PBL (project-based learning) methodology, your learning process will be easy and fun.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive one of 3 types of certificates:

Quality education

Interesting learning process

Guaranteed receipt of the certificate

Why do people trust our school?

- Certificate with honors
- Certificate of the level completion
- Certificate of participation

Free trial lesson

You will take an introductory lesson for free, get acquainted with the format of the classes and your future teacher
You will complete our test to evaluate your level of English proficiency and receive advice on further language learning.

Evaluation of the current level of language

Based on the test results, you will be assigned to a group and will start classes at a convenient time for you.

We form a schedule of classes

Your path in the language learning:

How is the training structured?
In our work, we rely on the student-centered learning approach, that is, learning is built around the student, his or her goals and interests. We select material that will interest and motivate you.

Interesting learning

In teaching, we use modern textbooks, as well as authentic material such as songs, videos, articles from magazines. We arrange an active lesson for children through play and movement.

Consolidation of knowledge

After each topic, students carry out a small project in which they practice and consolidate the studied material (Project Based Learning).
Our classes are an opportunity to communicate with people with similar goals like yours. A supportive atmosphere, a professional approach and the convenience of learning a language from home, for these reasons people enjoy studying with us.

Communicate with pleasure

The right approach

Feedback from our students